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Choosing the right Franchise Business

You've probably already heard that the first year success rate of a franchise business is generally more than double that for a small business. But to be really successful in your own business, you need to start in the right place. Finding a franchise with a sound track record and good earning potential is not enough. You also need to ensure that the nature of the business and the work are suited to you, your talents and the lifestyle you're seeking.

If buying a franchise is the first and most important business decision you'll ever make, then making sure you choose the right one runs a very close second.

Kenkleen's Advantage

A Kenkleen franchise offers a host of terrific advantages, especially if you get on well with people. Working in a rapidly expanding service industry with flexibility to choose when you work and plenty of fresh air are just the beginning. Other great benefits are that the work is relatively easy and has few overheads. For example, unlike some other franchises, you avoid all the physical strain and technical hassles of working with machinery and the usual high operational costs of breakdowns and servicing.

If all this sounds appealing, then a Kenkleen franchise could be just what you've been looking for.

Performance Counts

Surprising as it may seem to some, Kenkleen's dynamic national growth has been fuelled by specialising in just one service sector - cleaning windows, professionally. Every member of the Kenkleen Group owns and runs their own business. They operate from their own vehicle in their own exclusive territory. Their businesses are extremely easy to operate and require only a minimum start-up investment in plant and equipment.

The Kenkleen success formula is very simple:

  • well proven national, state and local franchised system
  • specialised training in all aspects of the business
  • minimal professional competition
  • generous start-up income guarantee in new territories not previously operated by a Kenkleen operator
  • very low overheads
  • negligible on-going maintenance costs
  • centralised booking service
  • excellent on-going support
  • extremely high levels of loyal repeat and referral customers
  • rigid selection process
  • a limited number of new franchisee's are started every year to protect existing operators - this is something not many franchise systems offer

Kenkleen Makes It Easy

When you join Kenkleen you are teaming up with a highly motivated and professional organisation. Our service has a reputation for being of the highest quality; why else would we receive so many referrals from satisfied customers. We are committed to maintaining that reputation, that's why we are ready to invest the time and resources necessary to ensure that every Kenkleen franchisee not only gets off to a good start but can rely on us for professional on-going support and advice once their business is established.

The Kenkleen Franchise Package

  • Exclusive territory
  • Comprehensive two week training program covering every aspect of the business system
  • Comprehensive image pack including vehicle signage, uniforms, footwear etc
  • In territory start-up program with "hands-on" guidance from Kenkleen
  • Marketing materials package
  • Yellow Pages & Google advertising promoting the Customer Booking Centre number
  • Personal Phone Message System connected to the Kenkleen Customer Booking Centre
  • Comprehensive Operations and Procedures Manual
  • Plant package comprising roof rack, ladders, and all tools and cleaning equipment required to operate your business
  • Start-up stationary package

Kenkleen Support Services

  • Choice of either an established customer base (if available) or a fresh territory accompanied by the Franchisor Income Guarantee
  • Regular meetings and newsletters to assist with your business promotion and growth.
  • Access to professional marketing and point of sale materials
  • On-going training in all relevant aspects of the business operation
  • Holiday support program where your customers are serviced by fellow franchisees in your absence
  • Access to the Franchisor "Hot-Line" for instant help and guidance

Getting Started

If you are attracted by the opportunity that owning a Kenkleen franchise offers you and your family, then carefully consider the following checklist. If you are well suited to owning a Kenkleen franchise you will:

  • Have a strong desire to own your own business
  • Be physically fit
  • Enjoy the outdoor lifestyle
  • Relate well with and enjoy meeting people
  • Be prepared to learn
  • Be a self starter and motivated for success
  • Want to be part of a team and assist other team members
  • Not be afraid of hard work
  • Have the support of your family

If you answered YES to each of the above then contact your Kenkleen State Office for a confidential discussion on how you could become a Kenkleen franchisee.

We'll show you a short video presentation that will introduce you to the operation and the experiences of some of our existing and past team members.

Alternatively, complete the form below to register your information with our national office where the details will be passed onto the appropriate person in your state.


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